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Staple Wasp has engineered a better way to install erosion blanket, weed fabric, all forms of road fabric, and drip line hose. We did so with the goal of making the installation process faster, using less labor, improving installation quality, and saving the backs and knees of the installation team along the way. Mission accomplished, introducing the Staple Wasp!

Now hold on just a minute…… we know what you are thinking too. The industry has tried and failed at this before. Well, you are right, so we approached this from a “What have we learned and what do we need to succeed” perspective.

Here is a little insight on both:

Colony Wasp Driver

Wasp Driver

-Other solutions are out of date, and iron horses of the past are too heavy to lug around on grade and large sites:
Answer: The Wasp gun is 13.5 pounds, so much lighter than the old steel boats. We use both Aluminum and hardened steel metals, so they are light and durable.

-Once it wears out, is it a brand new coat hanger for my shop like the steel boat models of the past?
Answer: We engineered our Staple Wasp tool so you can replace the parts that wear (or any part) when it needs it, just like your other machines in your shop. This is a tool designed to provide you a long term solution to better fabric installation. If you see claims of replaceable drivers and blades from other guns, who cares…. Once the staple chamber is worn, the old iron horse models are dead. We are 100% parts replaceable!!!

-Once I purchase the Staple Wasp, am I calling another country for questions on usage or service?
Answer: No, our Staple Wasp is made right here in the United States with American steel and American know how…..We are a phone call away with answers to all your needs.

Wasp Driver Download

Wasp DriverWasp wpl606 driver

Find information on drivers, software, support, downloads and more for your ZebraSymbol LS9208I General Purpose Barcode Scanner. Do Wasp's WPL printers support ZPL or EPL commands? The scanner isn't working on my Windows Mobile / CE device. WDT2200 - I have loaded Mobile Inventory on the 2200, but cannot start the program. WWS800 & WWS850 Freedom scanner: How to eliminate the 'leading 0' on UPC scans.

-No one has solved the jamming issues and delays with the old school iron horse guns of the past.
Answer: Staple Wasp has a patent pending function that allows you access to our chamber in the pull of a lever. The Lever Action Staple Wasp enables you to clear jams without a tool in seconds. No needle nose and a prayer like the old iron horse guns manufactured out of country.

Wasp Barcode Scanner Driver

Boom!!!!!! The Staple Wasp staple gun and staples from ECSI/Staple Wasp Products………Simply put, we are saying that it is time to take a closer look at Staple Wasp staple guns and staples.

The Robot Power Wasp is a small low-cost high-performance single channel H-bridge speed controller for DC motors, and other electrical loads. The Wasp is designed for small combat robots, sumo robots, and other small robots such as firefighting robots, maze solvers and carpet rovers. The Wasp may also be used to drive pneumatic valves, solenoids, relays, thermoelectric coolers, and magnetic torque devices that require bi-directional control.

By making use of advanced autmototive grade components the Wasp is able to pack robust high power handling capability in the smallest package.


  • Size: .65' x 1.85' x .44'
  • Weight: 9.0 grams with servo lead installed
  • Standard R/C pulse format
  • Calibrate function to match unit to radio signal range. Settings retained in EEPROM non-volatile storage.
  • 6.5V to 28V battery voltage (>20V requires an external 5V supply)
  • Fully reversible H-bridge design. Equal power handling in both directions
  • 10A continuous, 30A peak current
  • Full current limiting and over temp limiting. This thing is nearly blow proof!
  • Limit switch inputs to stop motion in one direction when closed. Motion is allowed in the other direction.
  • Indicator LED for speed and direction of motor
  • Status LED status information and mode indications
  • Receiver battery eliminator circuit (BEC) standard � may be disabled. This can provide up to 100 mA of current at 5V to the RC receiver and other attached electronic circuits. (Must be de-rated for input voltage above 16V)
  • Failsafe shuts off motor if R/C signal is lost
  • FLASH-based microcontroller with upgradeable software via in-circuit programming header
  • Ceramic oscillator (crystal) for stable operation at all temperatures
  • Optional 4 position screw terminal may be user soldered to top or bottom of PCB for easy removal of battery and motor wires
  • Capable of supporting I2C or serial command streams. Not supported by stock R/C software but user may replace the stock code if desired. Contact us if you would like to discuss custom software for your application.

Wasp back side
Wasp with shrink wrap and wire pigtails

The Wasp User Manual is availble from the Downloads Page