Vivanco Driver Download For Windows 10

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File Name: vit-p2400-drivers-windows-10.exe Version: 2.5.3 Driver Date: 21 February 2017 File Size: 12,757 KB. This download installs the Radeon™ RX Vega M 18.12.2 Graphics Driver for 8th generation. Driver: Windows 10, 64-bit. 2.58 Latest: 1/10/2019: Beta Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 10 and Windows 7./8.1. 15.40 This download installs the Beta Intel® Graphics Driver for 4th and 5th generation. (15.) Driver: Windows 10.

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Mouse is an important external device that is used by all those who use a computer. However, the wired mice are slowly becoming history as Wireless ones are flooding the market. There are two ways to connect a wireless mouse to your computer, depending on the manufacturer’s technology. One of these technologies is Bluetooth, and the other is Wi-Fi. This article deals with issues related to the Wireless mouse not working in Windows 10 PC through Wi-Fi.

Some of the problems faced with wireless are:

  • The mouse moves irregularly or unpredictably.
  • The mouse does not respond to your commands.
  • It is no longer detected by your PC or stops working after some time.

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Steps On How To Fix Wireless Mouse Not Working On Windows 10 PC?

Before you decide that your hardware is faulty, you can try out the following steps and check if the wireless mouse not working has been fixed.

Reinstall Wireless Mouse Driver

Drivers are an important part of your operating system as they help establish communication between the hardware and software. When you connect any device to your PC, it operates with Microsoft’s basic generic drivers for most of the devices. It is important to install the manufacturer intended drivers to utilize the device fully. This can be done in two steps:

Step 1: Uninstall Existing Driver

The first step to reinstall the driver is to remove the existing drivers as you would not want to replace the existing drivers just by overwriting them. For this, follow these instructions:

  • Press Windows + R to open the RUN box.
  • Next, type devmgmt. msc and hit the Enter key.
  • From the list of hardware in your computer, click on Mice and other pointing
  • Select your mouse and make a right-click to reveal the context menu.
  • Choose Uninstall to remove the existing driver.

Note: You can click on Update Driver to update the driver, but the Device Manager will only search for updates within the Microsoft Servers and avoid third-party OEM websites.

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Step 2: Install Updated Driver

Now that the drivers have been removed, you can install updated drivers manually from the official website or use a driver updater software. I have explained both ways in detail:

Option 1: Install drivers From the Support website

Every mouse manufacturer maintains a website where users can download updated drivers for their hardware. These websites offer drivers for all operating system versions at no cost. However, you must know the correct model name and number of your device. Download the driver by searching the resources available for your device on the website and install it.

Note: This option requires considerable time and effort, and the user must have technical skills to carry out the updating process manually.

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Option 2: Install drivers Using Advanced Driver Updater

The Advanced Driver Updater is a driver updater app that can scan your hardware, identify the drivers installed, and then compare them with the latest ones available. It offers to replace all the outdated, missing, and corrupt drivers with a few mouse clicks. There is no manual scanning and searching of drivers involved, and the process takes a couple of minutes to update one driver. Here are the steps to use ADU to fix the wireless mouse not working

  • Download and Install Advanced Driver Updater on your PC by using the link below:
  • Open the app and click on the Start Scan Now blue button.
  • A list of driver issues will be displayed within a few minutes.
  • Locate the Wireless mouse in the list and click on the Update driver link next to it.

Note: The Pro version of this app supports the Update All button, which means you don’t have to click on Update Driver for each driver.

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Check The Hardware And Connections

There are a few simple steps that you can physically carry out just to make sure your hardware is working fine:

Vivanco Driver Download For Windows 10
  • Connect your Mouse Wireless receiver to a different USB port.
  • Replace the batteries and check.
  • Restart your modem and computer.
  • Try to use your mouse on a different computer.

If you have tried all the steps and are still facing wireless mouse not working on Windows 10, you probably need to replace your mouse.

The Final Word On How To Fix Wireless Mouse Not Working On Windows 10 PC?

The Wireless Mouse not working in Windows 10 can be a troublesome issue and hinder your daily routine and tasks. It would be recommended to keep a simple wired mouse with you at all times to act as a spare. However, this issue can easily be resolved by a few checks and reinstalling drivers. Advanced driver Updater will update all the drivers in your system, ensuring that your PC delivers smooth, flawless, and enhanced performance at all times.

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Click here to download the driver for Windows XP/7/8/10 32bit

(August, 30th 2010, V2.8.45, 942KB)

Click here to download the driver for Windows XP/7/8/10 64bit

Vivanco Driver Download For Windows 10

(August, 30th 2010, V2.8.45, 1093KB)

Click here to download the demo driver for Mac OS X 10.12-10.15

(March, 31st 2020, V3.4.11, 824KB)

(For Mac OS X 10.13 - 10.15 see the support page. Mac OS X 10.15 no longer supports HAL plugins: Catalina Release Notes. On Mac OS X 10.15 the driver is CoreAudio only.
Please install - reboot - enable in security settings - install again.)
macOS Big Sur 11 no longer loads kernel extensions, it's not possible to provide an update for Big Sur. Still, we have plans to keep the driver updated for earlier versions of Mac OS X.


Click here to download the free driver for Mac OS 9.04 - 9.22

(July, 12th 2007, V2.09f8, 327KB)

Vivanco Driver Download For Windows 10 32-bit

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