Janome Sewing Machine Driver

Posted By admin On 20/11/21

MC11KTools Version 3.12

This update resolves minor issue of the previous version (updates not necessary for those who have not experienced these minor issues):

  • General arrangement screen to correctly appear in AcuFil Print tool (* In the previous version, it did not show the general arrangement screen depending on the PC.)
  • USB driver installation applicable to various language OS including European languages.
Janome Sewing Machine DriverDriver

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[Important notice for owners of MC11000 Version 1.31 or earlier]

When updating MC11KTools to Version 3.12, additional features and functions will be automatically installed such as AcuFil Print tool and AQ/ASQ hoops. Although these additional features will not be operational without updating your machine to Version 2.00 or later, they will not affect the functioning of MC11KTools on earlier machine versions and can simply be ignored.


Please review the following before downloading:

It is extremely important that you read and understand the download and installation instructions before proceeding.

Janome Sewing Machine Screwdriver

Click on the link below to download the update file.


Janome Sewing Machine Driver

During installation of some embroidery software, the installer will ask you to plug in your dongle. Normally the installer sees the dongle and continues installation, but I’ve seen many times when the dongle isn’t verified, and installation cannot proceed. There is an answer. I can’t say that I can solve everyone’s problem, but if you own Janome or Bernina embroidery software, I just might have the answer you are looking for.

The Device Driver

Janome Sewing Machine Driver Software

The answer to your installation woes is that your computer doesn’t know what the dongle is. Especially if you are installing the embroidery software on a computer that is newer than that of the embroidery software’s system requirements, the information the computer needs to use the dongle just isn’t available.

That information, or hardware instruction, is called a “driver”. The dongle is known as a “device”. If your embroidery software installation stops at dongle verification, you will need a “device driver” that allows your computer to operate your dongle.

Bernina and Janome dongles, as far as I know, are all technically a USB “HASP key”. So we just need to get the proper HASP key drivers from the SafeNet website, and we’ll be good (provided that we correctly install the driver and it’s the right one).

A quick search on Google for “HASP driver” led me to this page. The page offers various downloads, but the one we want is called Sentinel HASP/LDK – Windows GUI Run-time Installer. After accepting a rather lengthy user license agreement, I downloaded a file named Sentinel_LDK_Run-time_setup.zip.

Installation of Driver


Janome Sewing Machine Driver Downloads

The HASP driver is extremely easy to install. First you should close any embroidery software installer that you have running. Ideally you would have all programs closed, and some may even suggest disabling your anti-virus. Next, you’ll want to unzip (extract) the contents of the downloaded zip, and locate a file named HASPUserSetup.exe. This executable file can be run just by double clicking on it. Double click on it, and then follow the instructions. When you’re done, you should have the appropriate HASP driver installed. Your computer may not immediately be able to use the driver, so restart your computer, then try to install your embroidery software. If the red light comes on when you plug in your dongle, that’s an indication that the driver is working.