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PPD files for Infotec's PostScript printers, supplied by Ricoh
Supplier: Ricoh (printer manufacturer)
License: MIT (free software, show license text)
User support:Ricoh and OEM forum at OpenPrinting (voluntary)
Color output Type: PostScript
Text: 100Graphics: 100System Load:Unknown
Line Art: 100Photo: 100Speed:Unknown
Download:Driver packages: All architectures:20161206 (RPM for LSB 3.2) (Signed), 20161206 (DEB for LSB 3.2) (Signed) (How to install)
  1. Under this entry Ricoh's PPD files for their Infotec-branded PDF printers are hosted. PDF printers are supported natively in Linux and Unix environments (including Chrome OS), so you only need the PPD file for your printer, no driver executables, to get access to all printing functionality. The PPD contains all information about properties and user-settable options which are specific to the printer and makes printing dialogs show these options and allow the user to control all the.
  2. Office Equipment Multifunction Printers IS2018. Infotec Drivers and Software Products: IS2018.
  3. Gutenprint high quality printer drivers for Linux LinuxLinx. Driver Version, force a driver language from local preszrio. Install the latest driver for HP deskjet f4135, infotec is 2245 printer, Delivery Schedule, Whatever hewlett packard f4135 reason for returning items to cartridgesave.



This PPD file based on Postscript is made for Linux/UNIX environment. PostScript printers are natively supported in Linux and UNIX environments (including Chrome OS), so you only need this PPD file for your printer, no driver executables, to get access to all printing functionality. Especially this PPD file supports some advanced printer features like Locked Print, Document Server, User Codeā€¦ Note that although the printers are PostScript printers this PPD file needs foomatic-rip. Please see the Ricoh FAQs for more details.

Printer drivers allow for clear and concise data to be transmitted between devices and machinery in a way that makes sense to both. A fully updated and functioning Brother printer driver ensures smooth and streamlined communication between your printer and your laptop or mobile device, so there are no unexpected surprises or issues with the.

Note that these printers work, like all other PostScript printers, with generic PostScript PPD files, but then you will not get access to all the printer-specific functionality.

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