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Thanks for the report. Yes, concur with amyk its a bit less power but adequate for your need, clearly; it shows the difference between the real Hakko and at least this copy; the original 936 does 40 sec and is a good number to remember when comparing other irons; I think I checked that during the winter when room temp was 20 o C, I recently rechecked it 24 o C doing repairs this summer in an. The indicator on the HAKKO 474 reads in a different way. For instruction on the reading the HAKKO 474 indicator, please refer to the HAKKO 474 instruction manual. 2 Replacing the filter Replace the filter as shown A to C. During operation, the filter pipe is very hot. Wait until the filter pipe is cool before replacing the filter. To HAKKO FU-600 (Including in the HAKKO FU-600) Connecting components HAKKO FU-500 Feeder unit 18 7. MAINTENANCE Remove any solder or flux adhered on the solder feed pulley unit using a brush or other appropriate tool. If an insufficient cutting depth or splashing of solder balls are found in spite of the proper maintenance. This is a project to build a soldering iron driver for the hakko 907 5 pin style irons. Ideas: 8x2 display pot for temperature control and switch for on off led to show on led to show heating buzzer? 2 boards one for lcd and pot other for soldering iron connector and power supply connector. Internal temperature sensor for thermal compensation.

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Version 8 and Technoshot

Hakko others drivers

Continuing a 20 year history of providing cutting edge Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), the 'V8' and 'Technoshot' touch screen panels offer more cost saving features than ever before.

Main Features

  • A large range of screens from 5.7' to 15'
  • Intuitive configuration, connecting data to displays
  • 200+ free drivers for PLC's reducing training and implementation costs
  • 100+ free drivers for variable speed drives (frequency/variable speed drives)
  • 50+ free drivers for temperature and process controllers
  • No cost per Tag enabling small and medium SCADA solutions
  • Free software updates keeping the cost of ownership affordable

A Large Range of Sizes Available

Whether you need to improve the useability of your machine or collect manufacturing data for your statistical analysis, Hakko Monitouch has a touch screen to suit the size of your budget. Smaller screen sizes offer a cost sensitive way of displaying and interfacing with your machine, whille larger screens offer a large range of data collection and interface capabilities.

Monitouch Hmi, Screen Sizes
SizeResolutionNumber of ColoursMemoryDisplay
5.7'320x240 (QVGA)65536>4.5MbSTN or TFT
7.8'800x600 (SVGA) or 640x480 (VGA)65535>4.5 or 12.5MbTFT
8'800x600 (SVGA) or 640x480 (VGA)65535>4.5 or 12.5MbTFT
10'800x600 (SVGA) or 640x480 (VGA)65536>4.5 or 12.5MbTFT
12'800x600 (SVGA)65536>12.5MbTFT
15'1024x768 (XGA)65536>12.5MbTFT

Quickly Development Screen Graphics with V-SFT5

Monitouch is configured using a PC software application called V-SFT5, which provides drivers, ready built libraries of graphics for graphics to display data, graphs, trends, lamps, buttons and switches. In fact you can create any graphical image and turn it into a switch that will interact directly with your PLC or any other device on your network.

V-SFT5 is being updated on a regular basis and all updates are free!

When you have to deal with a large amount of information from your production site, a touch screen can make the difference.

Powerful, well connected and easy to use, these intelligent screens allow you to design custom screens with simple instructions for your operators while performing complex production tasks in the background.

The Hakko Monitouch extensive range of HMI solutions starts with the low cost reliable V6 series and ends with the high performance, high visibility V8 series.


Hakko Others Driver Ed

Note: The Hakko Monitouch range of product is also known as Fuji Electric UG series. For more information please contact us.