EBSC Bicycle Interface (COM3) Driver Download

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Hi, I have used K+DCAN cable when coding the car with Rheingold – it works great.

5) Go to the printer model’s Support Downloads webpage to download and install the latest full software package. Now is also the time to check for any newer printer firmware to install which matters a lot. 6) Extract Printer software, right click Setup file to Run as Administrator. Follow the setup screens closely as you install the software. Build custom add-ons to interface with additional hardware and software libraries Read and write CAN Messages with MCP2515 based CAN-Bus shields through supported Arduino boards Because MATLAB is a high level interpreted language, you can see results from I/O instructions immediately, without compiling.

I have not connected to the bike yet, but there is an adapter needed of course (the car and bike connectors are different of course).

Regarding the voltage: as far as I remember, car connector has 16 pins, bike 10 pins. Someone please correct me if (when) I am wrong. The cable which came for connection from the car connector to bike connector (16 to 10 pins) has an additional entry into this – it seems like to add power to the diag head. I have not try it yet, but after you said this, it seems that you have to feed power into that additional connection.

I am recovering from surgery now and cannot come anywhere near the bike, but I will test everything in a months time.

These are only my assumptions so far. But as I said before, the cable works great on the car.

I have reset the service and changed miles to kms.

(In ISTA/P I coded Kombi module (CKM – car key memory to be precise) to change miles to km.)

Ebsc Bicycle Interface (com3) Driver Download Pc

Cleared 1 fault and found one exhaust flap error. Looking into this now.

I was able to trigger it using Rheingold and I hear noise when it goes in both direction, but I need to understand more on it is and how it works (and breaks).


first time I connected I had 2 errors, after clearing them, only one of them remained permanent

I have managed to code the retrofitting of the LED turn indicators using ISTA-P – it is just a matter of checking a check box.

Attach: Rheingold ISTA Configuration on K+DCAN cable:

  1. Plug the INPA cable and install drivers. For FTDI based cables use latest drivers.
    You can download driver here: www.ftdi.com
  2. Set COM port. Open “My Computer”>> “Manager” >> “Device Manager” >> “Ports” >> “USB Serial Port (COM3)” >> click on “Port Setting” tab and click “Advanced”

Ebsc Bicycle Interface (com3) Driver Download Windows 10

Change the com port number to COM9 and latency time to “1”. Confirm configuration with OK button.

  1. Open C://EDIABAS/BIN/EDIABAS.INI with Notepad and check for “Interface=STD:OBD”

Set “Port=6801” in TCP settings.

  1. Open C://EDIABAS/BIN/EDIABAS.INI with Notepad and check for “Port=Com9”
  1. Connect the INPA K+D CAN cable with PC and the other end with car via OBD socket
    6. Now run BMW ICOM Rheingold software shortcut in start menu, wait until it boots, then press “Settings” button on the top
  1. Select “VCI Config” tab and tick “Ediabas standard settings (ediabas.ini)”, then press “OK”
  1. Go “Operations” program, then “Read Out Vehicle Data” and “Complete Identification”
  1. Configuration is done. Start using the Rheingold software.

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Ebsc Bicycle Interface (com3) Driver Download Free

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EBSC Bicycle Interface (COM3) Driver Download

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