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Virtual Drive's online courses are state approved and include everything you need to get your learners permit and drivers license. Getting your drivers license has never been easier.

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The fastest way to get your drivers license with online Drivers EdSelect your state to get started.

Ready to learn how to drive? Our elite online Drivers Ed course is designed for parents and teens with active lifestyles who need a flexible course that can be taken online, at your own pace, in the comfort of your home. Our state-approved course can be taken from any computer, allowing you to login and out of the course as your time permits.

Students are safely guided through rules of the road, driving laws, traffic safety, road signs, driver safety and safe driving skills using interactive multimedia learning that makes the course fun and exciting.

  • Convenient for teens with active lifestyles
  • Short modules with advanced learning techniques
  • Practice tests to prepare you for the permit test
  • Interactive multimedia makes the course fun
  • Proven results, effective training, safer drivers
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Getting Your Permit with Online Drivers Ed

Our Drivers Ed online courses are specific to each state. While many of the driving laws and requirements are very consistent from state-to-state, each state has different requirements for getting your learners permit. A learners/driving permit allows a teen to legally practice driving with a licensed adult during their drivers ed behind-the-wheel training.

Virtual Drive takes the hassle out of getting your permit by preparing you for permit quiz with practice tests that are specific to your state. Our course includes the process and requirements for each state to get your permit including what documents you will need.

Complete the Course as Your Time Permits


One of the best benefits of taking driver education online is that it's a self-paced course. This allows students to complete the course as their time permits, making it perfect for those with busy schedules.

With Virtual Drive's courses, you can log into and out of your course any time. The course will remember where you were last and the next time you login, it will take you back to where you were last. This allows students to study any time, from any computer with internet access.

What's Included with our Drivers Ed Courses

All of the courses we offer are state-approved drivers education courses that meet or exceed state certification. We've helped thousands teens and young adults earn their drivers license. Our online course curriculum includes:

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  • State specific driving laws
  • Road signs
  • Defensive driving
  • Basic car care and maintenance
  • Drug and Alcohol laws
  • Dangers of texting while driving
  • Practice Permit Tests

Teaching you how to become a safe and effective driver is our goal. In addition to core driving principles, our course includes tips, driving techniques and safe driving skills that will keep you safe on the road. Proven results, effective training, safer drivers .

Customer Service

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We have a dedicated in-house customer support team that is available to answer any questions you may have by phone or email.

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Your First Choice in Drivers Ed

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For over fifteen years, Virtual Drive has been the first choice for online drivers ed training for thousands of teens and young adults. Every student matters. Our team of driving instructors, training experts and customer support team stand ready to help you earn your drivers license and learn how to drive safely.