Drivers Sprog Dcc Port Devices

Posted By admin On 20/11/21

To start working with RIFF JTAG Box, You’ll need to download initial setup:

  1. JMRI Hardware Support - DCC++
  2. JMRI: Hardware Support

This will install following files to Your computer:

Drivers Sprog Dcc Port Devices

Configure: SPROG as either a stand-alone DCC programmer or DCC command station. Configure: SPROG Generation 5 as a DCC command station and programmer. Configure connection to TAMS Master Control command station. Uhlenbrock The Intellibox can be connected to JMRI programs either via a LocoNet connection, or via its own built-in serial. SPROG 3 is also capable of operating a medium size layout, supplying up to 2.5 Amps. An even larger layout can be driven by using an external booster. Read this document in conjunction with the SPROG IIv3 User Guide available on the CD-ROM and also on the SPROG DCC website. This Supplement covers SPROG 3 specific information only: Hardware. Windows’s own generic US serial drivers will be installed automatically and the SPROG will appear as a USB Serial Device in Device Manager: For all other combinations, read on This example shows the installation of a SPROG 3. Installation of SPROG IIv3 drivers is very similar. Connect the SPROG to the PC via USB and to the power supply.

JMRI Hardware Support - DCC++

  • JTAG Manager software v1.88
  • RIFF Box control port driver
  • RIFF Box update port driver
  • RIFF DCC USBLoader driver
  • NXP LPC Device USB driver

RIFF Box software portable archive:


RIFF JTAG Manager v1.76
Contains JTAG Manager v1.76 and RIFF Box drivers. Just extract the archive to desired directory and start using it.

You may need to install following Microsoft software:

JMRI: Hardware Support

After You execute setup, it will install all files to desired destination, and launch drivers installer script.
Take note, If You’re using Windows XP, You’ll have to provide drivers location to Hardware Installation Wizard after connecting devices for first time.