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Do you need to connect your Xiaomi phones to your computer? You will need this compatible USB driver. Selecting a good and compatible driver software may seem easy. However, picking up an old driver may lead to an issue that makes your computer cannot recognize your device properly. Hence, we have listed below a bloatware-free drivers tool to establish successful ADB and a Fastboot connection between your computer and your MIUI devices.

Support & Downloads Get troubleshooting, maintenance and warranty information. Download software, drivers and brochures. 1) Follow steps 1-3 of 'Check the software driver installation' above. 2) Right-click on the 'Prolific USB to Serial Port', then click Properties. 3) Click on the 'Port Settings' tab. Click the 'Advanced' button. 4) In the 'COM Port Number' drop-down select the desired port number. For example if the software requires COM2, select COM2. After that, you have to force update the device via device manager: right click the device, 'update driver' - 'browse my computer for driver software' - 'let me pick from a list of available drivers' - choose STMElectronics Virtual COM Port, hit next, profit.

A computer, Windows especially, does not need a special driver since your computer will recognize your device out of the box. This general computer-to-phone connection usually established in either charging mode or MTP mode. This allows you to either charge your phone’s battery or to transfer files. However, in different scenarios, you may want to establish an advanced connection such as ADB and Fastboot. Both types of phone-to-computer connection are an advanced mode that allows you to do advanced tasks with your phone such as installing firmware or ROM, flashing a custom recovery, or taking full Android data backup.

Google provides all the necessary drivers and tools which are included in the Android Studio software bundle. Luckily, Google also extracted another driver bundle from the software that includes only the essential drivers. Therefore, you do not need to download and install the full Android Studio and SDK Manager in advanced.

Moreover, there are also many third-party versions created by some developers bundled in an installer which makes it easy for novice users to have the required ADB and Fastboot files installed. One of the well-known installers is the 15-second installer by Snoop05 from XDA community.

Which one to use?

Using the installer will be the easiest one. However, the package includes ADB v1.0.32 and Google USB Driver v11.0.000. Both may already obsolete for the most recent flagship devices running Android 9.x Pie or above.

Our recommendation is to use the one distributed by Google since it gets regular updates. Nevertheless, if your device is running Android 7.x Nougat or older, using the ADB Installer v1.4.3 is sufficient.


Version 1.4.3 193214 downloads Size: 9 MB

Mirror on is here.

Android Platform Tools Pack for Windows: Google USB Driver, ADB, Fastboot, and drivers:


Latest version:

Version r29.0.4 37988 downloads Size: 8 MB

Mirror on is here.

Older version:

Version r28.0.1 25823 downloads Size: 6 MB

Mirror on is here.

Notes for modern and flagship devices (Mi 5, Mi 5X, Mi 6, Mi 6X, Mi 8, Mi 8 EE/Pro/Lite/SE, Poco F1, Mi Mix 2S, etc):

  • First, we recommend you to install the latest version of Mi Flash tool since it includes all the required drivers. Use this only as an alternative in case your computer cannot properly establish a connection with your device.
  • If you are an advanced user with just enough knowledge about adb fastboot, you can simply use the Android Platform Tools.
  • If you are a newbie, we recommend you to first use the 15-second installer just to install the ADB system-wide. Then use the extracted Platform Tools to establish the ADB-Fastboot connection.

We also strongly suggest to first disable Windows Driver Signature Enforcement. We wrapped the full tutorial on how to disable it here. Some unsuccessful installations might be caused by this default security mechanism being enabled, especially on x64-based system.

Drivers Spartan Rc Port Devices Inc

Android Platform Tools for Mac OS:

Version latest 2414 downloads Size:

Android Platform Tools for Linux:

Version latest 1643 downloads Size:

R/CUSB-Interface for flight simulators

USB-Interface II and USB-Interface III

  • learn and train model flying without the danger of a crash, independent on weather daytime or your flight instructor

  • works with nearly all R/C transmitters (Graupner, Futaba, Multiplex, Hitec, Walkera, ..)

  • works with nearly all R/C receivers (Graupner, Futaba, Multiplex and compatible)

  • runs with most simulators (FMS, Realflight G2, Piccofly, Easyfly, Aerofly, games, ..)

  • no hand-soldered cheap schlock but machine-made goods of quality

  • simple installation, no driver needed

  • axis and buttons are programmable

  • future-proof due to updateable software, programmable with self-made software, SDK available


USB-Interface II

USB-Interface II with Fu6sq transmitter cord

Technical data USB-Interface II

The RC-USB-Interface has some enhancements compared to the Gameport Interface:

  • It can be used by modern notebooks equipped without gameport.

  • supports USB 1.1, USB 2.0, Hot-Plugging and is powered by USB

  • works with all transmitters: Though easily exchangeable transmitter cords, you can use one USB-Interface for different transmitters

  • Up to 9 RC channels are transmitted to the PC. Consequently, you can also control flaps, retractable landing gear, .. in suited simultators with the R/C transmitter.

  • channel assignment: R/C channel 1 to 7 -> joystick axis 1 to 8, R/C channel 5 to 9 -> button 1 to 8

  • The small tremble of the model rudders (due to many analog-digital convertions:PPMA -> µcontroller AD -> RC-unit DA -> sound card AD -> simulator) is reduced by the completly digital working RC-USB-Interface (PPM A -> µcontroller AD -> USB client D -> USB host D -> simulator).

  • fast and precise digitalization with 256 steps

  • flashing control LED

  • The USB-Interface II is programmable: Assignment of axis and buttons, reaction of buttons can be reprogrammed quickly and easily.

  • since Okt. 2006 updatable firmware: The Interface is prepared to understand future transmission modes of new transmitters. (look for firmware updates in the Forum, e.g. Walkera PCM WK-0701, 3000 steps resolution, ..)


After having installed the HID-driver (HID-driver, Windows included), the USB Interface is instantly ready for operation on Win98 SE, WinME, Win2000, WinXP (instruction manualusb-interface_en.pdf [210kB]), LINUX, Mac OS X (Screenshots osx.pdf [280kB]), .. (in general: all O/S that support HID USB joysticks). It has a 2m cable and works with nearly all R/C transmitters equipped with a buddy box.

The USB Interface works with most R/C simulators that can be controlled by a normal joystick:

  • Aerofly 1.2x
  • Aerofly Pro(with original dongle)
  • Aerofly Pro Deluxe(with original dongle)
  • EasyFly
  • Flanker2.0
  • FMS
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • PicoFly
  • Pre-Flight
  • RC/Helicopter
  • Realflight Deluxe
  • Realflight G2
  • ReVolt (RC-Car-simulation)
  • Big Scale Racing
  • X-Plane (Mac OS X)
  • FlightGear (LINUX)
  • ...

It doesn't work with Reflex, Reflex XTR or True-Flight.

Drivers Spartan Rc Port Devices Download


interface name: USB-Int2

USB-Interface II with fixed receiver cord

USB-Interface II with fixed JR receiver cord

Technical data USB-Interface II with fixed receiver cord

Same data like USB-Interface II plus:

  • It can be connected with an R/C receiver. So a transmitter without buddy box or PPM signal can be made suitable for simulators. The USB-Interface supplys the receiver with power. It reads up to 4 R/C channels from the receiver.

  • Transmission up to 4 signals from the receiver

  • All transmitter cords to connect it with a R/C transmitter are usable


interface name: USB-Int2_R

RC USB-Interface III

USB-Interface III with JR3.5 receiver cord

Technical data RC USB-Interface III

RC USB-Interface II has the following enhancements compared to its predecessor:

  • It can be connected with an R/C receiver. So a transmitter without buddy box or PPM signal can be made suitable for simulators. The USB-Interface supplys the receiver with power. It reads up to 7 R/C channels from the receiver.

  • Optionally, a transmitter cord can be connected with the exchangeable receiver cord. The USB-Interface III is used with the R/C transmitter just like USB-Interface II. The source of the signal is detected automatically.

  • It has a 16 pin connector and its firmware is updatable. So it can be used as generic device for monitoring, sensor measurement, controlling, as USB dongle, migrating applications to USB, PPM analyzer, training, prototyping, ...

  • The Software Development Kit - USB-Interface III SDK is offered for free. It supports the development of new applications. Examples can be found in the Forum, e.g. PPM Generator (controlling a model via PC)

  • More information: data sheet usb-int3_datenblatt.pdf [180kB]


Drivers Spartan Rc Port Devices For Sale

see USB-Interface II


Interface name: USB-Int3

Programming tool for R/C USB-Interface

The Interface is programmed with IntCon. The Assignment of axis and buttons can be chosen freely.

The program runs on Windows 98 to Windows XP.

This software and a brief instruction manual is here: software

Transmitter Cords

The USB-Interface hard- and software is designed to work with all transmitters. The Interface is equipped with a connector for transmitter cords fitting your individual buddy box. More information about buddy box pin assignment: buddy boxes

3,5 mm stereo jack plug

R/C vendor: Graupner / JR

transmitter: FM 314, mc-10, mc-12, mc-14, mc-15, mc-16, mc-16/20, mc-18, mc-20, mc-22, mc-24, mx-22, JR 9x, JR 347, FM4014 (pos. modulation), ...

JR (European RF part and buddy box): JR Quattro, JR 9x, X-347, X-387, X-388, X-756, X-3810, ..

transmitter cord name: JR3.5

R/C vendor: Lexors

transmitter: Nova 4, Nova 4+1, Nova 6

transmitter cord name: Lex3.5

3,5 mm mono jack plug

R/C vendor: Futaba

transmitter: FC-28, FC-16, FC-18, 3PJ, T3PJ, T3PK, ...

transmitter cord name: Fu3.5

R/C vendor: Graupner/JR

hand held transmitters with DSC connector: MX-12, MX-22, ..

JR (American RF part and buddy box): X-347, X-387, X-388, X-756, X-3810, ..

transmitter cord name: Fu3.5

2,5 mm mono jack plug

R/C vendor: Futaba

transmitter: FX-14, FX-15, FX-18, ...

transmitter cord name: Fu2.5

5-pin DIN plug

R/C vendor: Multiplex

transmitter: Pico-Line, mc1010, ..

transmitter cord name: MPX5

R/C vendor: Robbe

transmitter: CM-Basic, (Terra Top), mc2015F, ..

transmitter cord name: Ro5

R/C vendor: Sanwa

transmitter: (RD8000, RD6000, VG400, VG6000, Radiant, Vanguard PPM), ..

transmitter cord name: Sa5

7-pin DIN plug

R/C vendor: Multiplex

transmitter: Pico-Line, EVO 9, Cockpit MM, mc3030, ..

transmitter cord name: MPX7

6-pin DIN plug

R/C vendor: Futaba

transmitter: FC-16, FC-18+, FC-28, FF 7, ..

transmitter cord name: Fu6DIN

R/C vendor: Hitec

transmitter: Laser 4, Flash, Eclipse, ..

transmitter cord name: Fu6DIN

6-pin square plug

R/C vendor: Futaba

transmitter: 4C, 7C, 9C, FF 4, FF 7, FF 9, T6EXA, Skysport T4YF, ..

transmitter cord name: Fu6sq

R/C vendor: Kyosho

transmitter: transmiter of Caliber 24

transmitter cord name: Fu6sq

special pin assignments

on request

Graupner MicroG


Walkera PCM WK-0701


Walkera 22E (35, 36, 39)



Receiver Cords

The USB-Interface 3 is connected with the servo connectors of R/C receivers or a transmitter cord via these receiver cords. Special pin assignments are possible.

Graupner/JR receiver cord

Receiver with Graupner/JR servo connectors

further R/C vendors with compatible connectors

receiver cord name: R-JR

Multiplex receiver cord

Receiver with Multiplex servo connectors

further R/C vendors with compatible connectors

receiver cord name: R-MPX

Futaba receiver cord

Receiver with Futaba servo connectors

further R/C vendors with compatible connectors


receiver cord name: R-Fu

Development receiver cord

connects the USB-Interface 3 with periphery or PCBs for self-made applications

receiver cord name: R-Dev

Receiver Adapter

Drivers spartan rc port devices inc

Receiver Adapter with Graupner/JR servo connectors

Equipped with the Receiver Adapter you don't need a buddy box connector on your R/C transmitter to use the USB Interface. The Receiver Adapter is connected with the R/C receiver. It reads out the individual servo positions and provides the PPM signal for the USB Interface 2.

  • uses up to 7 servo channels

  • operates with all R/C receivers, that support popular servos from Graupner/JR, Futaba or Multiplex

  • can be used in wireless master/slave trainer system in principle

Installation, hints

Drivers spartan rc port devices download


Quickstart USB-Interface: quickstart_de.pdf [ 260 kB], quickstart_en.pdf [ 260 kB], quickstart_it.pdf [ 260 kB]

Instruction manual USB-Interface:usb-interface.pdf [ + 1,4 MB]

Data sheet USB-Interface 3 usb-int3_datenblatt.pdf [180kB]

Mac OS X

Screenshots osx.pdf [280kB]


Drivers Spartan Rc Port Devices Gigabit

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