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Signum Systems Corp

The SiGNUM product line was made obsolete on 1st September 2019. For alternative solutions and support, please contact your local sales representative or explore our range on the optical encoder web pages. From the minute a driver passes a driving test they're used to responding to a flashing amber light, and this is why we have created Signum. Signum flashes at the same frequency as other road vehicle indicators, this was carefully considered when designing Signum, to achieve maximum attention from other road users'.

  1. Signum was acquired by IAR, therefore I can imagine they may not have a strong push to support XDS products that work with CCS (a competing IDE). In this case, the safest alternative is to wipe and reinstall CCSv5.5.
  2. The docker driver will set the following client attributes: driver.docker - This will be set to '1', indicating the driver is available. Driver.docker.bridgeip - The IP of the Docker bridge network if one exists. Driver.docker.version - This will be set to version of the docker server. Here is an example of using these properties in a job file.
In-Circuit Emulatorr
1.ADA-ISO-TI14.pdf (2 pages)
JTAG Emulator
Lead free / RoHS Compliant
C24xx, C28xx
Lead free / RoHS Compliant
  • Current page: 1 of 2
Debugger for the TMS320C2000 family of MCU/DSPs from
Texas Instruments. It is equipped with USB 2.0 interface that
Support for the entire C2000 Family
JTAGjet-C2000 supports the following C2000 MCU/DSP
Compatible with Code Composer Studio
JTAGjet-C2000 is fully compatible with Code Composer Studio
3.1 or newer. It installs directly into the Code Composer Studio
directories and becomes visible as JTAGjet Emulator in the
CCS Setup utility and preconfigured with many C2000 targets.
Setting up to work with JTAGjet is just as easy as setting up a
TI emulator – just drag and drop the preconfigured target and
emulator configuration and start Code Composer Studio.
For custom made boards with more than one device on the
JTAG chain, JTAGjet can detect all devices on the chain which
is necessary in order to properly configure the CCS debugger.
JTAGjet-C2000 supports variable JTAG clock. It defaults to 10
MHz, but may be set from 1 kHz (for slow FPGA prototypes or
power saving devices) to 30 MHz to provide faster application
Auto-sensing JTAG voltage
JTAGjet-C2000 comes with a detachable, active JTAG probe to
better accommodate long scan chains and various JTAG pinout
standards and low voltages. The standard probe comes with
supports targets from 3V to 5V. A low voltage probe is available
as option for targets with 1.8V as well as fully electrically
isolated JTAG adapter for noisy targets (ADA-ISO-TI14).
Drivers signum others test
of MCU/DSPs from Texas Instruments
TMS320F2802x Piccolo™
TMS320F2833x Delfino™
Phone: (805) 383-3682
What’s Included
Drivers signum others meaning
On-line store at
Supports all Texas Instruments C2000 MCU/DSPs
USB 2.0 high-speed port (480 Mbps) provides faster downloads

Drivers Signum Others Test

Powered by the USB port – no external power adapters needed
3 LEDs provide status of target power, JTAG and host activity
Optional Flash Programmer utility (does not need CCStudio)
Change JTAG clock even when the CCStudio is running
Detects and graphically shows all devices on the JTAG chain
Windows 7, XP and Vista compatible
JTAG cable with standard 14-pin JTAG probe or fully electrically
CD-ROM with CCStudio drivers & documentation
Flasher-C2000 programming utility (C2000F models only)
Emulator with CCS drivers, Flasher-
Code Composer Studio for C2000
Emulator with CCS drivers

JTAGJET-C2000 Summary of contents

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... MHz to provide faster application downloads and quicker Flash programming Auto-sensing JTAG voltage JTAGjet-C2000 comes with a detachable, active JTAG probe to better accommodate long scan chains and various JTAG pinout standards and low voltages. The standard probe comes with 14-pin XDS510 & XDS560 compatible JTAG header and supports targets from ...

Drivers Signum Others Meaning

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... Flash depletion recovery, blank check & save flash to file  Flash locking, unlocking & password programming  Support for encrypted passwords and COFF files Ordering Information Part Number Flasher-C2000 Flash programming utility S/W JTAGjet-C2000F-ISO JTAG emulator w/ Flasher-C2000 On-line store at ® CORP. Distributed by: Description Price ...

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Integra-Signum trackside magnets

Integra-Signum is a Swiss train protection system introduced in 1933. Originally it was called Signum; the name Integra was added later. It transmits data inductively and is simple, robust and reliable also in snow.

How it works[edit]

Drivers Signum Others Crossword Clue

The locomotives have three sending and receiving magnets and there are two trackside magnets near the signals.

Integra-Signum asks the train driver to confirm distant signals that show stop and distant or home signals that show caution. If he does not confirm or passes a home signal that shows stop, the train is stopped automatically. This is achieved by interrupting the power supply to the motors and applying the emergency brake.

The locomotive's sending magnet is a strong permanent magnet, which induces a current in the receiving magnet in the middle of the track, if the signal's short-circuit contact is closed. The receiving magnet on the locomotive consists of two magnet field detectors, which detect the signal's state according to polarity and timing of the magnetic field emitted by the second magnet outside the track:

Integra-Signum magnets on a Be 6/8 III 'Crocodile'

Stop (home signals): positive - negative, concurrent

Caution (distant signals): negative - positive, concurrent

Caution (home signal): positive - positive, not concurrent

Because Integra-Signum can only stop a train when it's 'too late', i.e. after the red signal, it is not sufficient if there is an obstacle less than the braking distance away from the signal, which is especially a problem with fast trains. To address this issue, Zugbeeinflussung ZUB has been introduced.

Despite that Integra-Signum aims to prevent accidents, there was also an accident caused by it. In 1959, an Integra-Signum magnet mounted on a SBB-CFF-FFS RBe 540 EMU tore out a wooden sleeper on a level crossing near Gland, which led to the derailment of the entire train at 125 km/h.

Phasing out[edit]


By 2017 Switzerland had almost completed the migration to ETCS Level 1.[1][2] Integra-Signum will remain in service for a few years more on a small number of special lines; one of these is the Uetliberg railway line, which will first be converted from DC to AC electrification.

From beginning 2018, new vehicles running on the Swiss network do not need anymore the class B system SIGNUM and ZUB.[2]

See also[edit]

  • Integra Signum, the company that developed the system


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