Drivers Cinterion Wireless Modules Modems

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Please elaborate on the following from the Concept Board Hardware Interface Description:


Wireless modules come with a control panel access option for the admins. You can change settings, passwords, limit data, apply filters and perform many other operations on these devices. To connect more users they just need to have the password of the device and done. In wired networks, new users need to set up wires for connection. Cinterion MC55i Terminal Modem GPRS con conness. ATD1234567 datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. Cinterion EHS5 Wireless Module Vasona Networks SmartAIR1000 SmartVISION Apple WatchOS Apple Watch. Serial interface modem driver voor Microsoft This is independent of whether the modem is connected to an operator. Based on the powerful Cinterion MC55i wireless module platform the improved Terminals offer additional functionality while remaining compatible with their predecessors. The Cinterion MC52i Terminal packs a Dual-Band GSM/GPRS baseband with TCP/IP connectivity based on GPRS Class 8 data transmission into a compact plug-and-play housing.

> EHS6 enumerates, i.e., registers with the USB host, as a CDC-ACM
> Composite USB device supporting eight separate interfaces. This
> is the Composite Communication enumeration.
> Under Microsoft® Windows XPTM, Microsoft® Windows Vista® and
> Microsoft® Windows 7 this USB device implements a Modem port (a
> virtual USB Modem port) plus six further communication ports as well as a
> reserved port. The Modem port as well as the ports enumerated 3 to 5 are
> AT command interfaces, i.e., these ports are accessible by AT command
> and may be used as control and data interfaces.

Linux registers 7 ttyACM interfaces (0 to 6).
ttyACM0 responds to AT commands
ttyACM1 and 2 do not
ttyACM3 responds to AT commands but with echo feature deactivated (can be activated with ATE1 command
ttyACM4 and 5 respond to AT with echo enabled
ttyACM6 does not speak AT

Drivers cinterion wireless modules modems setup

Please explain the difference between the communication channels. The remarks about the Windows drivers seems to apply, port 0 and 3-5 speak AT. Please also explain the exact purpose of each port (including 1, 2 and 6) so I can perhaps get this right in the Linux cdc-acm driver with the correct dialects.

Drivers Cinterion Wireless Modules Modems Wireless

Drivers Cinterion Wireless Modules Modems

> The interfaces - with the exception of the reserved port - are controlled by
> separate device drivers running on the Windows host. These drivers may
> be standard USB drivers integrated in Windows. The driver configuration
> files for Windows (.inf files) are supplied by Gemalto and need to be
> installed before the device can be used.

Drivers Cinterion Wireless Modules Modems Compatible

Where can I find the Windows drivers? They weren't included in the package and I cannot find a download link. These might provide me with some hints.