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Software House, part of Tyco Security Products, provides reliable security management systems available only through a rigorously trained network of certified integrators. The SF0287.exe file is an installation program that will install FlashX and the firmware files to download. Once installed, you 'add' the contained firmware files, and then download the required file. The on-line help file contains instructions for programming each product. Tyco’s mission is to advance safety and security by finding smarter ways to save lives, improve businesses and protect where people live and work. Our 57,000 employees in over 900 locations around the world take a consultative approach to delivering tailored, industry-specific solutions.

Download Tyco Safety Products Drivers

19: CPVC Pipe & Fittings
Description Browse T.D. PDF CAD
IH-1900 [12-20]
CPVC Installation Handbook CPVC Installation Instructions & Technical Handbook
Translated Versions [PDF]:RU
, SV
TFP1915 [08-18]
CPVC Pipe CPVC fire sprinkler pipe in sizes 3/4' through 3'
Translated Versions [PDF]:SV
View PDF n/a
TFP1915 [08-18]
CPVC Fittings CPVC fire sprinkler pipe in sizes 3/4' through 3'
Translated Versions [PDF]:SV
View PDF n/a
TFP1920 [08-18] View PDFView
TFP1925 [08-20]
Rapid Seal Sprinkler Head Adapter All-CPVC sprinkler head adapter with no need for thread tape or sealant
Translated Versions [PDF]:SV
View PDF n/a
TFP1950 [04-19]
Model 3002 CPVC Sprinkler Head Adapter Fitting Holdback Wrench
View PDF n/a
TFP1990 [02-20]
SDS for TFP-500 CPVC One Step Solvent Cement SDS (Safety Data Sheet)
Translated Versions [PDF]:SV
View PDF n/a
TFP1994 [08-18]
TYCO CPVC TFP-600 One Step Solvent Cement SDS
Translated Versions [PDF]:DE
, ES, FI, FR, NO, SV
View PDF n/a

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FIM802 Field Interface Module (two MX loop driver)

The Field Interface Module FIM is the main interface for field wiring on MX detection panels and contains plug-in field wiring terminals, inter board connectors, EMC protectors and filters and general I/O electronics. The FIM801 provides 1 x MX DIGITAL loop and the FIM802 provides 2 x MX DIGITAL loops. Each MX DIGITAL loop can support several kilometers of loop wiring using a mixed topology using multiple loops and spurs.

The FIM provides up to 495mA of loop power to each loop to drive loop powered sounders and other loop power devices. An optional plug-in additional loop cards (XLM800-MX) provide up to 8 x MX Digital loops.

The FIM incorporates the following local I/O connections:

  • 2 x volt free outputs (Default alarm and fault)
  • 1 emergency alarm input
  • Full monitoring of PSB800 power supply

The FIM incorporates a local I/O bus which allows the local I/O connections to be increased by 24. A variety of I/O expansion boards are available including:

  • IOB800 (8 in/8 out) expansion board

The FIM includes two connections to the RBUS one for the local user interface and one for connecting up to 15 remote addresses in the form of up to 2 x operator control modules (OCM800) or up to 15 multi-purpose modules (MPM800).

The FIM provides 3 configurable external serial ports:

Download Tyco Safety Products Driver Updater

  • Port 1 Local printer
  • Port 2 Configuration PC or remote diagnostics and upload/download modem
  • Port 3 FSI open protocol or Network card/geteway (TLI-800 or MX-FIL)