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Akai Pro Advance Series - Firmware Update Guide. The Advance Firmware Updater application makes it easy to update the firmware on your Advance 25, 49, and 61 keyboards. Generally, users will look for a firmware update for one of two reasons: They are hoping that a firmware update. 2 A MANUAL OF PAHLAVI '; by HENRIK SAMUEL NYBERG II Ideograms, Glossary, Abbreviations, Index, Grammatical Survey, Corrigenda to Part I. 3 OUo Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden 1974 AIle Rechte vorbehalten Photographische und photomechanische Wiedergabe nur mit ausdriicklicher Genehmigung des Verlages Satz: Layout-Satz Dr. Tetzner GmbH, Mainz Umbruch, Druck und Buchbindearbeit: Hubert & Co.

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Contents.Gameplay Driver 2 expands on 's structure, as well as adding the ability of the character, to step out of his car to explore on foot and commandeer other vehicles in the game's environments. The story missions are played separately from the Take-A-Ride Mode where the player can explore the cities in their own time.Missions in the game are generally vehicle-oriented, and involve trailing witnesses, ramming cars and escaping from gangsters or cops. A cutscene is shown prior to almost every mission to help advance the storyline, and thus the game plays rather like a -style car chase movie. Although Tanner can leave his car and interact with certain elements of the environment, all violence takes place during pre-rendered scenes.While the original PlayStation version offered a two-player split screenplay, the version introduced a four-player link option. Plot Disc 1 The game begins in a bar in, where a man named Pink Lenny is talking to a tattooed Brazilian man. Two gangsters suddenly enter the bar and open fire on them. Lenny escapes, but the Brazilian man is killed.

His body is later examined at a morgue by police officers John Tanner and Tobias Jones. The man’s tattoos indicate that he worked for Alvaro Vasquez, the leader of a Brazilian criminal organization. Tanner and Jones are sent undercover to discover Lenny’s involvement in the recent gang violence in Chicago.They interrogate a witness to the bar shooting, who explains that Lenny used to work as a money launderer for Solomon Caine, a high-ranking mobster with operations based in Chicago. Lenny has left Caine’s gang and made a deal with Vasquez, Caine’s greatest rival. Tanner and Jones later follow one of Vasquez’s men to a warehouse, where they find hardware that has been shipped from.As both Caine and Vasquez will seek to exploit Lenny’s financial expertise for their operations, Tanner and Jones must find and apprehend Lenny before the gang violence goes out of control.

The officers track Lenny to, where Tanner disrupts Vasquez’s operations, but is too late to stop Lenny from leaving the city on a ship bound for, indicating that Vasquez's next target is Las Vegas.Disc 2 Tanner later finds and captures Charles Jericho, one of Caine’s men, before traveling to Las Vegas with Jones to negotiate a truce with Caine. Caine assigns Jones to find Lenny while Tanner uses his driving skills to assist Caine’s operations in Las Vegas, eventually succeeding in destroying Vasquez’s supply depot. Soon after, Caine learns that both Lenny and Vasquez are in.After Caine arrives in Rio, Jones notes that Vasquez did not stop Caine from entering the city, despite monitoring the docks and airport. Tanner continues assisting Caine and disrupting Vasquez’s operations. Jones has managed to infiltrate Vasquez’s gang to gain more information about Vasquez and Lenny, but Tanner warns him that his cover will not last.Tanner later learns that Vasquez has discovered Jones’ true identity and that Lenny is attempting to leave Rio by helicopter.

After rescuing Jones, Tanner is forced by Caine to pick up Jericho before going to stop Lenny from escaping. Tanner and Jericho shoot down the helicopter before Tanner reveals his true colors to Jericho and goes after Lenny alone, arresting him after his helicopter eventually crashes.After Tanner brings Lenny back to Chicago, it is revealed that Caine and Vasquez had been affiliated previously, due to bearing the same tattoos. Without Lenny, they reconcile in Rio.Cars A wide variety of cars can be found throughout the game. They are based on real life cars like, and more. All the cars can be driven and there are also hidden cars around the cities that can be found. A unique feature about the cars is that will fly off. The hubcaps fly off less than in the, which makes it more realistic.Cities Driver 2 includes four cities, which are notably larger than the original game.

The cities are and, which are both immediately open for 'TAKE A RIDE' mode;, which can only be accessed once missions are complete for the first two cities; and, only accessible after completing the Las Vegas missions. The cities all have secret cars hidden within them, which become available once the player finds the buttons to unlock the entries to where the cars are located and then approaches the cars to unlock them. The cities include many of their respective landmarks, such as the, (at the time known as Sears Tower), and in Chicago; Havana's, and; recreations of the hotels on the including,; and the, and some other known landmarks of Rio.Development The game was first released on the and was later ported to 's.

Because the game was so long, and cutscene graphics were somewhat advanced for that of the, the game was released on two discs. The first disc contained data for Chicago and Havana, while the second disc contained data for Las Vegas and Rio.The GBA version was significantly condensed from its counterpart on the PlayStation, due to memory limitations. Of the four cities in the PS1 version (Chicago, Havana, Las Vegas, and Rio), only Chicago and Rio are present, and the storyline is simplified to just these two cities, either omitting the other two cities' missions or transplanting them into the two that actually appear in the game.In-game cinematics are replaced with slideshows that feature a text crawl for dialogue, with occasional sound clips (such as gunshots or police sirens) added for atmosphere. The graphics are also rendered in polygon shapes, with tiny, simplistic 2D sprites for pedestrians. Certain animations such as Tanner going in and out of vehicles are also omitted, and a number of AI scripts, such as roadblocks that appear when the police chase the player, are axed. However, the police still utilise voice clips from the PS1 version when chasing Tanner, even using dialogue in Portuguese for the police of Rio de Janeiro. The licensed music is also replaced with a number of instrumental tunes composed for the game.Music In a move similar to the first game, Driver 2 featured a soundtrack reminiscent of typical 1970s car movies, containing instrumental and tracks as well as more popular songs by artists and composers, to further emphasise the retro feel of the game.


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